oral sex

Escorts are a pretty simple service to hire. You give someone a call, a girl arrives to your doorstep and you have sex with her. Pretty accurate, right? Well, not exactly. Sex-workers and escorts often times resort to using slang abbreviations that honestly don’t make any sense to the common man. And, that is what we’re here to help you with. As the title suggests, this article is going to be about some of the top slangs or terms used in the world of escorting services. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something as simple as a BJ or as complicated as BBBJTC, we have you covered! Without further ado, let’s get right to the terminologies used in the world of escorting today.


1. GFE
This simply stands for Girl Friend Experience. In GFE, the escort will do everything that a girlfriend would. She would start off with cuddling, kissing and showing off intimacy at an affections level. She would then slowly urge towards more intense play before moving on to flat out sex. This package costs a little bit extra since it involves the factor of actor as well.


2. PSE
Similar to GFE, PSE stands for Porn Star Experience. And, if you haven’t guessed it, in this type of play, the girl is going to pretend to be a pornstar. This means excessive moaning, amazingly graphic expressions and some pretty nasty things too. PSE can often times include some pretty exotic lingerie and after you’re all done and dusted doing your business, there would also be a part where you’d cum all over the females face, just like in the videos.


Stands for Bare Back Blow Job. This terms simply means that the escort will go you a blowjob without using a condom. However, the BJ won’t be till orgasm and you’re expected to stop before completion. BBBJ is just to get you in the mood.


4. Russian
Russian is what we call tit wank in the commoner’s language. If you don’t know what tit wank is, it’s basically a woman rubbing her tits around your penis to drive you to orgasm. This is usually a practice for escorts with big breasts.


5. Greek
The folks of ancient Greek were infamous for their love of anal sex, and that is why in the escorting industry these days, anal sex is often times called Greek. If you’re one of those guys that’s not afraid to put it in the wrong hole, then Greek is what you’re looking for. Greek is also called A-levels. In the industry, there are multiple names for multiple things in the escorting agency, and as you can guess, it’s a hassle to keep up. But, an even bigger hassle is to note that anal will cost you a good bit and not every model is down for Greek. It doesn’t really come down to company policies, very few companies have such restrictions of their own. It usually depends on the model, her own morals and her ‘don’t’ list. Make sure to abide by those, because not doing so will get you blacklisted from that organization.


This is a pretty weird one. Multiple Shots on Goal, this means that you’ll be cumming on the escort multiple times within a short time span. If you’re going for MSOG, you usually won’t be asked to pay extra since your cumshots will only last a few seconds each. This may sound insulting, but at least the girl won’t charge you extra!


DATY, or Dining at the Y, refers to you giving oral sex to the escort. The Y in the term refers to the fact that the woman will probably have her legs open in a Y shape.


8. CIM
Cum in Mouth is a highly rare sight to see in the escorting world. You can cum on the escorts, but inside their mouths is something only a very few women will allow. And, even those that do, will cost a lot. Make sure you know before if this is something your escort is comfortable in doing prior to actually doing it.


9. OWO
OWO, stands for Oral Without, and is the same as a BBBJ. Its oral sex without a condom and never to completion.


Now this is a much nastier one, BBBJTC stands for Bare Back Blow Job to Completion. Ergo, the female will give you a blowjob to completion without a condom. You can cum inside the escort’s mouth, however, swallowing isn’t a common occurrence. BBBJTC costs quite a bit, and if you think that you want the escort to swallow, they can do that for extra cash. However, not every escort will do that.


11. BBFS
Bare Back Full Service, this is similar to BBBJTC in a way that instead of a blow job without a condom, you’d be getting the full package without having to use protection.


12. DFK
Let’s take a small diversion from all the nasty stuff and move towards something a bit more lenient, kissing. DFK stands for Deep French Kissing and it is not really something too common in the escorting world. It’s a weird industry where sex without a condom is okay, but passionate kissing is projected as a weird fetish. So, because of that, do expect having to pay extra.


This abbreviation is quite the mouthful, and even listening to what it means will take a second. The letters stand for Bare Back Blow Job, Cum in Mouth, No Quit, No Spit. This term simply means that the escort will let you cum in her mouth without a condom, she isn’t going to pull you out her of mouth and will swallow your cum as well. Once again, this isn’t the type of thing that every escort would be willing to do. Just make sure you ask beforehand as a service like this will most likely cost a little bit extra for the luxury.


14. CW
CW or Cock Worship is one of the more common abbreviations on the list. CW is pretty much a more exotic version of a blowjob where a woman treats your penis much more gently, ergo, she ‘worships’ it.


15. DFE
Dead Fish Experience is one of those weird positions that we see mostly in porn. The idea is that the woman will lay on the ground on her stomach like a dead fish and you can do her from the back.


16. HME
Honeymoon Experience is made specifically for the lonely guys that feel want to get a feel of the married life and a taste of not being alone. It’s definitely one of the more interesting variants of the ‘experience’ category, paying for a honeymoon may be common, but paying someone to go is definitely a kick in the crotch for most men. Regardless, if you’re looking for that moment of intimacy, then HME may just be what you’re looking for.


17. Spinner
No, this does not refer to a girl that will spin like a Beyblade or something. Spinner means an extremely petite or tiny teen.


18. TUHA
Tongue up her ass, definitely weird, but we’re not judging anyone.


19. RO
You’re not the only one that deserves all the attention, now do you? Its important to show a little bit of love to your escort as well. RO, or Reverse Oral, simply means going down on your escort and turning the tables for a little bit.


Closing Thoughts

The long list of acronyms of escorting terms are a difficult field to traverse. It doesn’t have to be this complicated, but for some reason, it is. But this isn’t the major problem. A couple weeks in the business and you’ll learn all there is to learn about these slang terms. Even if you don’t know about a certain term, you can ask the escort to elaborate and she’ll do so without complaining. However, the real problem is knowing what the escort will and won’t do. We’ve been repeating this throughout the article and we’re going to go over it once again. Make sure you know exactly what your escort would be willing to do and what she won’t. If you try to do something, she’s not comfortable with, she’s just going to resist and completely ruin the whole mood. So, remember, if she doesn’t want to do something, money won’t change her mind and you should always treat escorts with the uptmost respect, just like anybody else.