Everyone has their favourite song to get them in the mood for some loving. We at Opvim decided to rank some of the most famous saucy songs by how many plays they have on Spotify, to reveal the world’s most popular sex playlist that’s sure to get your bed rocking. 

So dim the lights, wack on a candle and let’s get it on…… 

The top 5 songs for sex in the world! 

We took 20 of the most popular sex-related songs on Spotify and sorted them by the most to least listen, revealing the world’s favourites. Whether you prefer to get to it to Beyonce or get it on to Marvin Gaye a good sex song will always help you up the ante on date night or take things up a notch at Netflix and Chill. 

Some of the world’s top music artists feature on the ranking, but who makes the top 5? 

  1. “Earned It” The Weeknd – 780 million plays
  2. “Drunk in Love” Beyonce- 536 million plays 
  3. “Dangerous Woman” Ariana Grande- 526 million plays 
  4. “Good for You” Selena Gomez ft A$AP Rocky- 455 million plays
  5. “Toxic” Britney Spears – 376 million plays 

The Weeknd “Earned it” Revealed as the song most likely to get you some loving! 

Song  Artist  Spotify Plays 
Eaned it  The Weeknd 760,744,483
Drunk in Love  Beyonce  536,000,000
Dangerous Woman  Ariana Grande  526,000,000
Good For You   Selena Gomez Ft A$AP Rocky  455,000,000
Toxic  Britney Spears  376,370,365
Slow Motion  Trey Songz  282,122,888
Pony  Ginuwine  248,639,027
Birthday Sex  Jeremih  196,892,019 
Sexual Healing  Marvin Gaye  178,000,000
Let’s get it on  Marvin Gaye  177,775,088
Ride  SoMo 147.037,193
Love, Sex and Marriage  Ciara ft Justin Timberlake  143,490,194
You Sexy Thing  Hot Chocolate  137,403,839
Hotter Than Hell  Dua Lipa  106,000,000
Body Say  Demi Lovato  36,000,000
Meet me in the middle  Jessie Ware  28,269,707
Sex with me  Rhianna  20,554,777
Slow  Kylie Minogue  7,999,000
Sexx Dreams  Lady GaGa  3,700,000
Partition  Beyonce  66,478.00



20 of the most popular songs for sex were pulled from previous articles such as this Women’s Health aritcle. 

We then collected the Spotify play count for each song, and sorted the list by the most played to give a ranking from most to least popular, and therefore determine the world’s favourites.