Known as the world’s oldest profession, sex work has always been, and by the looks of it, it will be around for a long time. Despite the different stigmas and laws surrounding it, the sex trade is one business that is always in season. Even in places where people pride themselves in keeping away from the desires of the flesh; almost everything happens behind closed doors, in fancy hotels or a street behind your favorite restraint; sex sells everywhere and anywhere.

Despite sex work being deeply rooted in the human society, the trade and its workers are often seen as something that is below a moral human being. Why is it so? We have observed for millennia that the human race refuses to let go of its carnal desires, so isn’t it about time that we leave behind the stigma surrounding escorts and their work.

Who exactly are Escorts? 

An escort is an entertainer or companion that gets hired for their services. The services they provide are specific to each escort. One thing to keep in mind is that an escort does not always provide sex. Some escorts provide their time and company in exchange for money, while others might provide multiple provocative activities without the act of intercourse itself.

Escorts are often considered synonymous with prostitutes but the truth is that both have very different job requirements. A prostitute’s main product is sex and they do not provide any other service. Their job ends with the act and what happens after or before it does not concern them. An escort’s main product, on the other hand, is their company. Sex might be a part of the deal but it is not the most important aspect. An escort might act a plus one to a wedding or date to some office dinner. An escort charges in exchange for companionship and a prostitute charges in exchange for sex. There are ways you should treat an escort and the rules are very different.

Types of people who go to escorts

Now that we understand who escorts are and what services they provide, it is time to tackle the next big question. What kind of people ask for services from escorts?

The First Timer

You can probably tell these clients apart from the others every easy. This is someone in their early twenties armed with inexperience and the desire to finally become an adult. Often is accompanied by friends who might be paying to get their friend deflowered. In the life of a sex worker, these particular clients are impossible to avoid. Awkward and inexperience are not always the best combination, especially if you throw over-enthusiasm into the mix. On the bright side, sessions with such clients usually don’t last too long.

The Emotional Client

These are a more heartbreaking brand of clients. Often they are dealing with a broken heart of their own and only want some love and affection. They might ask for some cuddles, a little hand-holding and lots and lots of attention. People like this just want the warmth of another human body and maybe just maybe a little bit of love for their poor bruised heart. These clients can be a little hard to deal with since what they want cannot be bought but only found with the help of a hefty amount of luck, and unfortunately, that is not a service any escort can provide.

The one with the Questionable Tastes

You might think that being an escort might get you used to these kinds of crazies but that’s far from the truth. These are the clients that everyone wants to stay away from. They tend to have quite outrageous and often downright disturbing kinks. Dressing grown women in children’s clothes or wanting the room to look like a children’s playroom might be some of them. Try as you may, clients with unique tastes are practically impossible to avoid and the best you can hope for is that nap time arrives quickly.

The Hotshot Client

Extremely confident and with jobs that come with a lot of power, they will not let a moment go by without trying to show off their power and influence. Surprisingly though a lot of these particular kinds of clients enjoy being dominated. They ask to be humiliated and talked down to; wanting to experience something they never will their real lives. With clients like this their biggest feature might be their spending habits. Such clients are very much into gifting expensive stuff, even if you don’t necessarily want it

The Party Animal

As you could probably tell these clients as interested in one thing only; having fun. Drugs and alcohol seem to be their driving force. They want to party, and they want you to want to party. Often they might try and push the limits to what you are comfortable with under the guise of ‘learning to live a little’. They might try and get you to do these things with some extra cash and sweet words, what happens after that depends on the escort in question.

 The Guilty One

This particular category of clients tends to be a lot rarer but you do run into them ever so often. Paranoid and jumpy they might not even end up doing anything in the fear of being caught. They get a little tiring to deal with since there are lots of other ways to get an adrenaline rush than you visit an escort.

The Wannabe Knight in Shining Armor

These kinds of clients have a particular fantasy of having the escort saved from their life of ‘immorality that they have been forced into because of the hardships and tragedies’. They will try to show you around town in a nice car take you to nice ‘normal’ people places and offer to whisk you away from a life of seducing people into sin. They have some kind of hero complex where saving you becomes a moral obligation to them. You might have to break their bubble and explain to them that most people working in the sex trade are consenting adults who know what they are doing, and who don’t need or want to be saved.

One Who Just Wants Some

These people are a rather peculiar case. They might have recently gotten out of a long term relationship. They are not well equipped with rules of dating life and just want to blow off a little steam. A subcategory of these kinds of clients are ones who are still married or in a long term relationship. They might still be very much in love with their partner but for some reason no longer want to sleep with them. They sometimes go off tangents and tell you about their significant other and how much they love them.

Soon to be tied Down

Another class of people who have been in a relationship and will soon is tying the knot. These clients are usually brought in by their friends for one last night of freedom before they are forever bound by a piece of paper and the societal expectation to be faithful (spoiler; not everyone ends up meeting those expectations). These particular clients are very open about why exactly they are looking for an escort. Most of them happen to be pretty sweet and will even show you pictures of their soon to be spouse. It is also to be noted that a lot of these clients happen to be very easy on the eyes.

Why is being in the adult work industry so frowned upon?

A look at the client list of an escort makes a few things very apparent; one being that escorts have to deal with a surprising amount of peculiar characters and the second that their business is very much so booming. That begs the question; if most people do go to an escort, then why is the sex trade so heavily despised.

The answer to that can be a lot of things. Most people are ashamed to admit to their very human desires of the flesh so they resort to tearing down an entire trade to suppress their own ‘shameful’ wants. Another huge factor could be the fact that society has drilled into our heads that sex is supposed to be had only after marriage and even then it is something you are not to speak about.

Times are changing though. With the advent of the new age of technology and a wave of acceptance going around the world, the sex trade is completely hush hush anymore. More and more people are being aware and open about their wants, and so going to an escort is not seen as the of the world anymore. While there is still much to be done, we are at least taking a few steps into a changed world where what you desire in bed is being openly discussed. Also going to someone whose job is to fulfill your particular fantasies is being more common. Find out how you can book an escort and view our beautiful escorts.